Radio Content Distribution

Helping radio broadcasters find new ways to increase revenues and reduce costs.

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IDC continues to lead the way with solutions that address the trends driving the future of the audio broadcast industry. With a complete line of products for live streaming radio, IDC has the most advanced solution for radio broadcasters around the world who demand high quality radio content distribution networks.

The STAR Pro Audio G2 opens up new revenue generating opportunities for radio networks by providing localized ad insertion. The new platform also enables time-shifting functionality, allowing broadcasters to play the right content at the desired time.  Broadcasters can now seamlessly adjust for time zones and rapidly adapt to conflicting live programming schedules.

The SuperFlex Pro Audio Receivers includes a full line of proven head end/uplink equipment, receivers, network management, content management software – everything needed to implement a highly reliable network for any professional audio application. 

Network Diagram

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Features & Benefits

Improve Operating Margins

  • DVB-S2 Modulation and AAC Audio Encoding
  • Supported on STAR and SuperFlex Pro Audio
  • Can reduce space segment costs by 75% 

Increase Ad and Program Revenue

  • Regional and Local Ad Insertion
  • Pay for Broadcast Program Insertion 

Protect Existing Revenue

  • Replace ageing ABR and FlexRoute Networks
  • Eliminate long term support concerns