The global market for multimedia data distribution is large and growing. For high bandwidth data delivery for large networks where timely and secure delivery are paramount, IP multicasting via satellite systems are in demand as the most cost effective solutions available.

IDC's expertise in harnessing the power of IP multicast via satellite to bandwidth-saving DVB-S/S2 technology enables organizations to implement a safe and effective content distribution network that integrates and complements any existing networking infrastructure, whether terrestrial or satellite.

By multicasting content to an IDC receiver connected via an Ethernet port to a local server, IDC ensures both live and static content is delivered quickly and safely to any remote office and the open-standards DVB-S/S2 makes sure that is done at up to half the cost of traditional multicasting equipment. Whether it's high definition video and digital signage to software updates and static files, IDC gives you the ability to better manage and control the distribution of your data through its award winning suite of software and networking solutions.

IDC’s proven expertise in global data networks includes the following technologies: Content Management, IP Encapsulators, Multiplexers and Receivers - most key being the well-known Datacast XD featuring guaranteed delivery at up to 150 Mb/s.

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