DAC7000 Audio Encoder

A MPEG Layer II encoder for support of legacy ABR networks.

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This product will end-of-sale September 30, 2013 or End of Stock. IDC offers the P561 or ENC3001T as solutions to replace the DAC7000.

The DAC7000 Audio Encoder is an integrated digital audio encoder compatible with the ABR legacy product line of receivers.

The DAC7000 allows operators to save space-segment transmitting narrow-band carriers for each audio stream. By connecting a modem and transmission equipment to a DAC7000, unlimited audio receivers can be added to complete the network and receive the broadcast.


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Features & Benefits

  • SCPC operation

  • Codec support includes industry standard ISO/MPEG Layer II

  • Encodes 1 stereo pair (2 mono)

  • Balanced analog and AES/EBU audio inputs

  • Compatible with legacy audio networks including the ABR202/200 and DAC700/400

  • Full featured front panel monitor and control

  • Headphone jack monitor