NAB Daily News: IDC Says More Is Better

Posted on April 15, 2014

An article by Walter Schoenknecht from TV Technology, talks about IDC's launch of LASER MPS and TITAN 3 at NAB.  This was featured in the Tuesday April 8, 2014 edition of the NAB Show Daily that is distributed in print to all attendees at the NAB show.


More advertising delivered to more channels has got to be a good thing, according to content distribution equipment maker and software developer International Datacasting Corp.  

Doug Lowther, IDC president and CEO, used a Sunday press conference to announce a new product, Laser Multi Program Splicer (MPS), which adds multichannel capability to the firm’s Laser content insertion system.  

Controlled by IDC’s Production Manager software, Laser MPS is able to deliver content from the network edge, rather than requiring individual head-end installations. This flexibility facilitates distributing additional advertising and programming within a multichannel framework, according to the company.  

“This gives you much more compelling economics as a broadcaster,” Lowther said, calling Laser MPS “a single device that will handle content insertion for your whole service offering.”  

A second IDC announcement introduced an extension of the company’s Titan line of contribution encoders. Titan 3 offers new, higher-quality MPEG-4 compression capabilities, encoding 4:2:2 8- and 10-bit streams while achieving a latency of only 150 ms.  

For digital satellite newsgathering (DSNG) operators, higher quality and lower latency mean greater flexibility in responding to broadcast requests. “Better latency performance is really important to broadcasters,” Lowther said. “It’s a way of differentiating from other broadcasters.”